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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea often presents as an inconvenience. Sufferers snore loudly and may thrash or move in their sleep. Many people who suffer from sleep apnea don’t realize that they have it for obvious reasons, they’re not fully conscious when the symptoms occur. For those who realize they may have sleep apnea, the seriousness of the condition is often underestimated.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Plantation, FL

Sleep Apnea TreatmentSleep apnea is more than a nuisance. It’s a serious condition which disrupts your life, can lead to other serious maladies, and can even result in death. For someone who suffers from sleep apnea, their muscles and soft tissue relax during sleep which pushes soft tissue to the back of their throat, blocking airways from the mouth and nose. This may happen sporadically during sleep hours and the sufferers wake themselves slightly to regain breathing. 

Sleep apnea manifests with snoring, shallow breathing, or breathing that stops for periods during sleep. Symptoms do not stop there, however. Due to the disrupted sleep, many patients experience fatigue during their waking hours and a difficulty concentrating due to lack of proper rest. Other issues that can directly result from sleep apnea include headaches, cardiac issues, and pulmonary illness. If you or a loved one suspects that you suffer from sleep apnea, it’s important to see a physician as soon as possible.

Treatments for Sleep Apnea in Plantation FL

Depending on the severity of the condition, there are a number of treatments which may work for your case. These might include breathing strips, mouth guards, or lifestyle changes. In some cases, a surgical option may be the best solution for long-term success.

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