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Maxillary antrostomy

Maxillary sinuses are cavities located directly behind the cheek bones.  For adults, this is typically the area where a sinus infection will occur.  These sinuses drain right into your nose from about a ½ inch below the corners of the eyes, a part of the nose known as the osteomeatal complex.

Maxillary Sinus Antrostomy Plantation

When there is a blockage in this area of your nose, it keeps the maxillary sinuses from being able to properly drain and this can lead to infection.  There are also times when the actual sinus opening is what is blocked.  Maxillary antrostomy is a procedure to clear the opening of the affected sinus.

If it is the osteomeatal complex that needs to be cleared, then the procedure would be called an “uncinectomy”.  Typically, both of these procedures will be done simultaneously.

There are some rare cases in which the maxillary antrostomy doesn’t completely clear the maxillary sinus.  Alternatively, there might be tissue there that is diseased and can’t really be removed by this procedure.  If this is the case, the surgeon might actually need to make a new pathway for drainage between the nose and the maxillary sinus. 


The best benefit of this procedure is the fact that you will more than likely be able to breathe better through your nose than you did before the procedure.  You will also be less likely to develop recurring sinus infections.  This is a procedure that is only minimally invasive and you will typically be able to return home on the day of the procedure.  This is a solution that comes with a lower risk of there being an infection as well as a recovery time that is faster than that of more traditional sinus surgery.

Patients who have a number of ongoing health issues might have more risk than patients who are otherwise healthy.  Be sure to ask about any complications that might arise from this procedure. 

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