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Millions of Americans lay down to sleep each night, dreading the experience they know they will soon have. Either they will awaken themselves or their spouse because of the noise they make snoring. Worse, when they awaken, they will go through the day knowing they didn’t get the deep rest they need and crave.

From Normal to Chronic

Causes and Treatments of Snoring PlantationWhen you sleep, your body’s muscles relax and rest. When the muscles involved with breathing relax, you may experience snoring when the air you breathe moves around these muscles and surrounding tissues.

For many people, this effect of snoring is not a problem and virtually imperceptible. In others, the problem of snoring often develops into a health issue that has a number of potentially serious consequences. Chronic snoring will cause many people problems with their blood pressure, ability to concentrate while awake, and other issues such as fatigue.

Additionally, those who sleep with chronic and heavy snorers will lose rest and sleep, as much as an hour or more every night. This causes some couples to sleep in different rooms, causing difficulties in a relationship and a loss in intimacy.

In some cases, there are proactive steps one can take to minimize and control the effects of mild snoring. These include:

  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Avoiding alcohol before sleeping

Additionally, there are more advanced treatments and even medical equipment that can help eliminate or control snoring in many patients. There are medical professionals today that are highly trained in treating chronic snoring and can help you obtain needed relief. Importantly, these doctors are able to determine if a case of snoring indicates more serious medical conditions, such as upper airway obstruction and sleep apnea.

Take Time to Take Control

Chronic snoring is a medical problem that should not be ignored. When you contact a qualified Ear, Nose and Throat medical doctor you will receive a thorough examination that looks beyond the noticeable symptoms. This exam will help determine the source of your problem and the best approach to treating it.

If you and/or your loved one are enduring the effects of chronic snoring, you will find quick and effective snoring treatment in Plantation Fl. At the offices of Dr. Camysha Wright we use the latest equipment and procedures to identify and deal with your medical condition, including snoring-related issues. Call for an appointment today at 954-368-8519, and a good night’s sleep may be right around the corner.